VonRollUSI is proud to announce we now represent Von Roll Power Transformers. Von Roll is known for their high quality, low loss, and low noise medium & large power transformers, from 50kVA to 1000 MVA, as well as mobile units. Our customers appreciate our complete service, both within and after the warranty period, and our pledge to have a service tech at your location within 24 hours if there is ever a problem.

Because we specialize in designing and producing custom transformers, our experienced team begins working with our customers at the project design/scoping level. This hands-on knowhow allows Von Roll to deliver projects others can’t – including replacing an old transformer with a new unit, incorporating new technology, monitoring, alarms, and communications – all within the same footprint of the old unit.

In order to keep up with demand, Von Roll has recently doubled manufacturing capacity, reducing lead times, and built a 15,000 square foot test lab. With over 60 years of manufacturing experience and cutting-edge technology, including vapor phase drying, Georg core cutting machines, and advanced vertical winding technology, Von Roll has become a leading power transformer for US utilities. Please contact us for references and technical information.

All our cores are hand-wound to ensure quality – check out the video!


Give your USI salesman a call to learn more about how Von Roll can help you.