Southeastern Meter

School & Conference

March 19 – 22, 2018  

18 Professional Development Hours

The Hotel at Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama

The 2018Southeastern Meter School and Conference will be held March 19 – 22 at the Hotel at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. The school is sponsored by the Southeastern Meter Technical Association. It is held in cooperation with Utility Technology Association.

The school provides a forum for electric utility meter personnel to discuss metering practices, procedures, new technologies, and common problems with peers and representatives from industry. The school is open to anyone interested and involved in these areas. This years’ school will be another outstanding educational event. Great training and hands on learning opportunities are provided in each of five modules. The modules are tailored to instruct utility professionals at all levels of experience. Attend any class from any module. You pick the class of interest.

The Hotel at Auburn University

The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center is centrally located three miles from Interstate 85. The Hotel at Auburn University is situated in a charming university campus environment within easy walking distance to many shops and restaurants in the quaint, historical downtown Auburn, Alabama. Room Rate $139 plus tax before March 5th.


Reservations can be made by phone at 

 (800) 228-2876 or on school website hotel link.



Exhibit Hall Information
The Exhibit Hall will be open Monday, March 19 through Wednesday, March 21. Exhibitors wishing to display their products must register for a booth.  Breaks and evening hospitality will be held in the Exhibit Hall.  The cost of the registration includes one table with electric service, free wireless Internet access, two lunches, annual dinner, pre and post electronic participant list, and conference schedule for one individual. A company can purchase a pass for additional exhibitors and additional exhibit tables. Exhibitors need to obtain registration information from the school website.  
Registration Fee


Student $ 395
Student – One Day $ 225
Displaying Exhibitor $ 575
Hosting Exhibitor $ 375
Additional Exhibitor $ 225
Contact Information

Utility Technology Association

Suzanne Powell



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Southeastern Meter School & ConferenceAgenda & Registration Information
The Hotel at Auburn University


Utility Technology Association


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   Keynote Speaker
Tami Barron, CEOSouthern Telecom

Southern Linc


“The Role of a Robust Communications Network

 in Today’s Utility” 


Register By:

March 5th, 2018


Modules to Choose Classes From
Module 100 Fundamental Metering
Module providing instruction in basic metering theory and application. This module will include topics of single and polyphase theory, instrument transformers, meter sockets, and meter form numbers.Module 200 Advanced Metering
Module on intermediate metering theory and polyphase meter installation. Topics include polyphase applications, reactive metering, troubleshooting with phasors, and pulse metering.

Module 300 Hands On Meter Testing & Safety
Module providing both lecture and laboratory experiences on all aspects of meter testing. Session will include hands on experience in testing everything from simple single phase, polyphase and demand to multifunction meters.

Module 400 Smart Grid, AMI & Emerging Technology

Module to learn applications, trends and utilizing elements of Smart Grid, AMI and emerging technologies. Session will include AMI Metering Technologies, Data Analytics, Metering Renewable Energy,  Management along with many other classes.

Module 500 Meter Programming
Module providing hands on of programming meters from the metering manufacturers to gain a better understanding of the personal computer and using it for your metering applications. Laptop Provided or bring your own.



USI’s Chris Oliver and Kevin Rising attended the Florida Municipal Electric Association Convention on 11/8 and 11/9 in St. Augustine, FL.

IMG_7681 IMG_7682

Murray Beck, Chris Oliver, Kevin Rising, and several represented manufactures are attending the GRESCO Fall Festival in Wildwood, FL today.

IMG_2488 IMG_2489







IMG_7624 IMG_7623

Chip Kanour, Reb Beck, Amy Sides, and Kevin Rising attended the AZZ Rep Meeting in Jackson, MS on October 18th.


The annual Electric Cities of Alabama Engineering & Operations Conference is being held at Renaissance Ross Bridge
Hoover, AL on October 16-18. USI’s Joe Thornton is attending. Please stop by our booth.



New General Electric plant served by Athens, AL Utilities is  powered by Hendrix Aerial Cable 46kv line.  It is Athens’s first spacer cable installation and they are very happy with it.  Hendrix provided advice and support to Athens personnel who installed the line.

20171012_122837 20171012_122928_001 20171012_123003 20171012_12335720171012_12303820171012_123049

Chip Kanour, Daniel Beck, Joe Thornton and Lance Martin of USI attended the Southeastern Electrical Apparatus Conference in Auburn, Alabama this week along with several of our manufacturers.

Picture 2 Picture

USI’s Daniel Beck is attending the TVPPA E&O Meeting this week in Chattanooga, TN.  Drop by the USI display of you’re in town!


Project Feature

Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems provides quality and reliable systems to communities all over the world. Yes, that means all 7 continents. We come across images of our systems that are incredibly powerful, in so many ways, as each image reflects diverse stories behind them.
Businesses (local and large) and citizens who rely on power for so many different reasons continue to be our main focus at the end of every day (and that includes weekends).
“We just want to Keep The Lights On” – Bob Biddle, GM of Marmon Utility, LLC.
The story below, is just one of many examples that continue to motivate us to exceed all customer expectations and to deliver an excellent, reliable product that can withstand any challenging issues – especially trees.

after especially trees








Photo: Courtesy of City of Monroe, GA

“I recently visited the city of Monroe, GA after hearing that they had a recent outage on a Hendrix line when a tree limb hit the line. This city has many Hendrix circuits, so I was a bit concerned…at first. Before I saw the image (below) I was imagining some small branch hitting the line and causing some unexplained outage… but that simply could not be further from the truth.
Half of a very large tree crashed into the circuit with a direct hit on an existing URD tap connection. The messenger was ripped from the adjacent tangent bracket and the tree broke the one phase conductor at the tap connection location.
Other than the one broken phase conductor, everything else stayed in the air. The power was out for approximately 3 hours and 2.5 of those hours were spent removing the tree.
With a quick splice and new tangent bracket, the city had the line back up and powered again in no time flat. The engineering manager expresses absolutely zero fault on Hendrix’s part and actually believes that the system performed very well.
A direct hit of this magnitude would have destroyed everything on a bare wire circuit and would have made a complete mess; not to mention potential tree fires, exposed wires to the community and traffic issues. The required clean-up and restoration was fast and minimal with the Hendrix system in place.”
Hendrix Can Handle It. Written By: Jason Smolko