The Load-Trainer II Transformer Simulator is a portable 3-phase trainer. Train lineman in an immersive learning environment with color coded patch cords and a 7″ interactive touchscreen. Simulate Wye, Delta, Polarity, Phase Rotation and Phase Angles, Back-feeding, Multiple Secondary Voltages and more. Please contact us to learn more.
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SEECO’s substation class SUB1 motor operator offers high performance but with a small footprint. Compact, high torque, easy to install. Please contact us for more information:
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SPI Patented Pump-Thru Barrier™
The Pump-Thru-Barrier™ incorporates SPI’s Patented Media System that absorbs all oil sheens to non-detectable levels of oil, while allowing rainwater to flow through freely. In the event of a major spill, the Pump-Thru-Barrier™ completely shuts down all flow and prevents any oil from escaping into the environment.

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SPI Patented Pump-Thru Barrier™​

Please contact us to learn more.
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The Myers Power Products FVR Outdoor Substation Breaker is the ideal marriage of innovation and quality, resulting in a product that offers:

  • High-speed operation – Interrupting time of three cycles or less.
  • Long life – Hermetically sealed interrupters protect contacts from corroding elements and contamination.
  • Ease of maintenance – Interrupter assemblies and contact wear indicators accessible via a bolted panel.
  • Reliability – A minimum of moving parts on the proven motor-driven, spring-charged Type Rl mechanism.
  • Durability – Robust design tested to the highest IBC-2000 seismic standard.
  • Flexibility – Breaker height is adjustable from minimum to maximum in 3 in. increments.

The FVR Outdoor Substation Breaker is proudly manufactured in our IS0-certified North Canton, Ohio factory and available through your local Utility Specialists representative, Murray Beck. Contact us at (800)-733-4837 to learn about features and options.