USI is proud to represent Valmont Utility structures in the southeast for the last 40 years.  As an industry-leading provider of transmission and distribution poles, transmission towers, substation components, and renewable energy generation equipment, and a global manufacturing network, Valmont Utility excels in supply chain logistics in service, performance and delivery. We’re partnering with power utilities to take advantage of opportunities like connecting existing power grids to help manage growing demand, bringing renewable energy (wind and solar) into the electric power grid, delivering low or zero environmental impact installations and pioneering drone technology as a critical tool for structure and line inspections. Operating globally, Valmont Utility has 12 North American distribution facilities and 3 in global regions meeting the high stakes delivery challenges.
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Shakespeare Round Tapered Tuff-Pole® products start with a specially engineered filament winding process, utilizing manufacturing equipment developed, built and engineered in house. Strands of fiberglass are impregnated with pigmented resin and spirally wound onto a rotating, heated mandrel. The winding is precision applied under continuous, uniform tension, and computer controlled for precision and repeatability – a Shakespeare innovation.

The result is a super-strong, one-piece, composite pole with a uniform surface. The poles contain a minimum of 65 percent fiberglass – maximum 35 percent polyester resin – by weight. We formulate UV-inhibitors into the resin itself, part of our thorough, systematic approach to UV protection.

Shakespeare Lighting and Distribution poles provide you with a light weight, long life product engineered to perform.  Let us know your needs!  (800) 733-4837


Hipotronics is hosting a Hipot round table discussion on Thursday at 11am ET. It is open to all customers.  If you use Hipots or are involved in them in any way this round table is a valuable learning tool.  We encourage you to join us at:
This is a great opportunity for you to talk to our engineers and answer any questions you may have about hipot testing.  This is also great chance for any new engineers to learn about HV testing. We look forward to discussing testing with you on Thursday!

Utility Specialists is pleased to represent PolySi Technologies of North Carolina.  These products are specially designed for electrical connections and lubrication needs.  Let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to cross over the product you are currently using to ours and save you some money!
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Dura-Line FuturePath MicroDuct is bundled into an easy-to-handle unit known as FuturePath. FuturePath can be installed just like standard duct: open trench, aerial, directional drilled, plowed or pulled into an existing conduit. When branching individual MicroDucts, there is no need for a special branching box. No special tools or equipment are required for installation. MicroDucts factory bundled with a polyethylene oversheath, configurations: 7-way, 4-way, 3-way or 2-way. It is cost-effective multiple pathways for one installation cost, with multiple pathways in place for future growth.

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Cree Lighting is a market-leading and award-winning innovator of Indoor, Outdoor, Intelligent Lighting and Consumer Bulb LED lighting. Experience better light and huge energy savings for your street, area and roadway projects with THE EDGE® luminaires, the XSP Series or the award-winning RSW Series. Explore Cree Lighting’s LED solutions today at or by contacting Utility Specialists, Inc. at (800) 733-4837 or


NRI is ready to meet any of your Battery Energy Storage needs.  Whether, Solar + Storage, Utility      Grid-Tied Storage, MicroGrid or Distributed Energy Storage Systems.  NRI has been doing Battery Storage for forty years and has the engineering and expertise to help you accomplish any of your Battery Storage goals and needs.  Furthermore, we provide all these services, engineering and manufacturing right here in the U.S.A. in Waterbury, Vermont.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us.

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    Design + Build + Install + Commission + Remote Monitoring

Northern Reliability provides vision and innovation by customizing off-the-shelf power and energy storage solutions for a variety of applications. Our products scale to meet any energy demand and are designed to operate under any condition around the world using cleaner power derived from sunlight, wind and conventional fuel sources. Thoroughly tested technologies alongside state-of-the-art electronics and controls ensure long lasting reliability. We have systems on every continent and in every environment. Need a power + energy solution?